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Measure to keep on growing.

Boost the growth of your company with eAlicia, measuring the quality that you are providing and that your clients perceive, anywhere in the world in real time.

Your business grows with eAlicia
eAlicia is eManagement platform that evaluates and controls the global quality of your business, making decision-making easier.
It allows you to have a 360-degree perspective, measuring the satisfaction of your clients, your service and quality everywhere in the world.
Customize your eAlicia and adapt it to your company-specific needs:
Define your own KPIs, metrics and indicators
Measure your providers, sites, platforms, and competition
Build customized reports
How is eAlicia helping you?
coste Offers you the best quality with the minimum cost
Experience Assures the efficiency in your working centers
productividad Improves your team productivity
Experience Motivate your customers to promote your brand
Experience Offers faster and better answers
Experience Helps your clients to solve their issues
Experience Identifies the inefficiency in real time
Experience Improves your customer experience score
Experience Attracts new clients and builds loyalty
Experience Increases sales
Experience Have control over the satisfaction and the global quality
Experience Makes your decision-making easier
A complete solution

Measure, evaluate and improve

eAlicia allows you to create, in a fast, intuitive and simple way, customised metrics which you can use to measure the constant changes in your company. Measure, evalute, improve and start again (image. Report).

Understand customer opinions

eAlicia has a global vision of your clients’ satisfaction worldwide, allowing you to take action in any situation, improving loyalty and makes you look interesting to new possible clients (image, map).

Global communication

Integrate all channels of communication of your company in only one and unique tool, so useful in social networks and also in a personalized attention in all your establishments, it have no boundaries.

Meets the expectations

Your clients expectations changes day by day, So you need to evaluate your product and service quality to know if it meet the costumers expectations.

Swift decision-making

With all the information at your fingertips, eAlicia helps you to take decisions by having useful data in real-time. Alerts will allow you to solve any tricky situation of your customer in advance, and it will help you to react and design action plans to resolve the situation.


Experience first-hand the benefits it can offer you.

It is a very powerful and configurable tool, it allows you to quickly obtain KPI's of the quality standard offered to customers, it has the advantage of configuring reports with the level of detail you want at any time. The alert system is very useful since you can immediately control critical training areas. Finally, we highlight the multichannel that allows us to see in a 360º way the customer service provided, which is very valuable when implementing improvement actions quickly and effectively.
Antonio Lafuente Martin - ING
It is a mature tool, simple and in continuous development, which has allowed us for a long time to know the most important KPIs of our activity, and to know how our patients value the service we provide them. In addition, if you need some customized partial development, the development team makes it easy for you and they adapt the tool to your specific needs.
Oscar Luis Marruenda Justicia - Clinica Baviera
eAlicia have made easier the phone evaluation of quality our agents make significantly. Our different platforms review the same items and help us to keep the evaluations made the most objective possible. We can extract information quickly, getting in this way better individual results, by teams, useful information to work with feedbacks with the agents and the achievement of goals. eAlicia also aloud us to the retro evaluate the knowledge available of the product or service, the agent is giving. This information shows us the existing difficulties in the operational, so this way we can focus in the training for those agents, and in the areas where they need to emphasize.
Meritxell Martinez - RACC
eAlicia is a very agile and useful tool, which dispose of a huge variety of reports that allowed to perform efficient analysis. And the best of all… It’s excellent technical support!
Adevinta Customer Care department
eAlicia allowed us to have and keep totally customize questionnaires in an autonomously way for the evaluation of our different services and visualize quickly the improvement areas and strength of each negotiation.
Rocio Piñero - Carglass, CCO of the CCC support team
eAlicia has allowed us to better track our customer base and helped us better focus on our preferences. It is a very simple tool to use when auditing and generating reports on them. They adapt and propose practical solutions to the needs of our business.
Sonia Puertas - Luckia
eAlicia has helped us remarkably when doing internal audits of our managers. The configuration of the meters is simple, we have a wide variety of reports to exploit, also highlighting that we have configured customized reports according to our needs. All this facilitates feedback with the managers who have increased their quality level by a high percentage, which is evident in the responses of our clients in the surveys, from which we can also obtain a variety of reports. As for support, it is exceptional, with 100% availability to answer your questions and an immediate response to any request. We still have a lot to exploit from eAlicia and, no doubt, we will continue to do so.
Beatriz Martín-Tembleque Poves - Grupo SM


Over 100 clients over the world trust eAlicia for their development